Missing language line in English

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 5.3

    I was translating for the new version 5.3. I noticed it while experimenting on my friend's site. Some lines were missing. When I looked at the German section, I realized that these two lines were missing.

       <item name="wcf.acp.option.mail_signature_html"><![CDATA[Signatur (HTML)]]></item>
       <item name="wcf.acp.option.mail_signature_html.description"><![CDATA[Die Signatur für die HTML-Version der versendeten E-Mails. Wenn keine HTML-Variante angegeben ist, dann wird die Text-Signatur verwendet.]]></item>

    Apart from these, as you can see in the last picture I added, I saw some missing lines.

    • Official Post

    The "confirmed" label is only for the part of the missing mail signature-related language items. The missing wcf.menu.* language items are not installed via the language PIP but as part of the menu item PIP. Them being missing might hint at the installation only being done in German and English only being added later on.

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