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    Been trying to add a border to albums but it does not seem to work proper covering all the album using this. The top part of the album doesn't add the border

    .galleryAlbumList ul.galleryAlbumCoverImages.galleryMediumAlbumCoverImages > li:first-child > a > img {
        background-color: rgba(250, 250, 250, 1);
        border: 1px solid rgba(224, 224, 224, 1);
        padding: 5px;

    Anyone got any ideas if it can be done?

  • Try this to include the header (blue border):

    .galleryAlbumList {
        border: 1px solid blue

    or this to include images only (red line):

    .galleryAlbumCoverImages  {
         border: 1px solid red;

    kind regards,


  • Already tried that one, but the right-side border goes way past the two smaller images. The border should be wrapped around only the large left and 2 smaller images on right.

    Hold on though, if you have more images uploaded does it fill right up to the right-side border. As notice you have two smaller images top and 1 bottom. I only had 1 top and bottom because of only 3 images uploaded. So it might be right actually if uploading more images creates more smaller images displayed in Album on right-side up that right side border

    But that's not going to work well for Albums that don't have enough images uploaded into them to create enough smaller right-side images, the border looks odd otherwise

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  • I'm assuming you don't have the same number of pictures in every album. At most the first 7 pictures/videos of the album will be displayed or less if you have a smaller number of pictures. Can you describe exactly what you want - a flexible solution? Or do you have a fixed number of images per album?

    Should each picture be framed or should the frame only enclose the pictures of the album on the outside?

    --- Sorry, I've only just read the part you added to your previous message ---

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  • Well, it's more complicated than I thought. The number of images displayed is flexible - depending on the viewport width of the browser window and the layout boundary set in the style. Most of the time an unattractive empty border remains on the right side:

    In the new WSC 5.2 it is exactly the same.

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