Quick replying doesn't properly jump to last post.

  • When you quick reply to a thread, it's supposed to jump to the last post (i.e. the new post you just made). This works properly... unless you scroll down too far to the bottom of the page before hitting submit - then it scrolls to either the top of the pagination or the top of the quick reply.

  • When the quick reply form is around the bottom/middle of the screen you'll get this. (This is what's supposed to happen.)

    When it's at or above the visible portion of the screen, you'll get this.

    • Official Post

    I was not able to reproduce this, I tried it both on woltlab.com and in a fresh local installation, using both the latest Chrome and Firefox versions. Have you noticed a pattern or anything else that might help me to identify the issue?

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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