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    If you LIKE an article using the CMS, the name of the user that LIKED it gets displayed below the TAGS list like this image shows below. But, if you enable DISLIKES and vote a dislike on something, no name is displayed for dislikes the same way it is for Likes. Any chance we can get named users for DISLIKES displayed also. As I have two custom box setup for MOST Likes and LEAST Likes (dislikes) which works correctly in calculating both using Assending and Descending for Likes displayed, but it lacks showing who disliked something in the article itself- while showing users names for Likes

    When a Dislike is made

  • Another thing on this worth bringing up. It is easy for people to join and abuse the LIKES/DISLIKES feature. Is it not possible to add a feature with the Likes system that you can set to only allow different members group to only make so many Likes/Dislikes in a 24 hour (or whatever) period to control how many can be done and stop trolls from abusing it after joining

  • Marcel Werk

    Added the Label Won’t be implemented

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