Inserting ZIP files into articles

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    WoltLab Suite Core

    I was just playing around with the new 3.1 Core installed using the Article system. I see you can upload a ZIP archive to the MEDIA section (along with images). But when you use the editor to try and insert a ZIP file into the content, the editor MEDIA tab presumes everything you insert will be an image as MEDIA, and this is what I see when inserting a ZIP file instead as MEDIA.

    But as you can see on the front-end after you submit the article with 3 zip files inserted as media, they do work.

  • NicoleSophie

    Changed the title of the thread from “Inserting files into articles” to “Inserting ZIP files into articles”.
  • All I did was this.

    1. From the admin CP under MEDIA, I uploaded a ZIP file.

    2. Then created a new article and clicked the BBCode button called MEDIA to insert the ZIP file. But when you insert the ZIP file into the editor it shows a broken image for it.

    Looking at the code inserted for it in the editor (using plain text view). I see this used.

    <img src="" class="woltlabSuiteMedia" data-media-id="1" data-media-size="original">

    But here is the ZIP showing as uploaded to the MEDIA section:

  • Maybe another person can test this here. Because I have reported two things now, and with both things you have not been able to get the same error results. There is also the language menu saving thing that you've been unable to reproduce also. So another person maybe needs test doing this to rule out it's not an issue on my end only

  • Do you want access to the site as admin to test it out with both the saving menu language thing and this zip problem as well. Because I can give you admin login, it's not like I'm doing anything with the site

    As there is also this bug as well: Saving menu items without changing anything removes the text name for language variable

    Does this happen for every zip file or just a specific one?

    Yes, it did the same thing before with 3 different zip files inserted into the post

  • This seems to working fine now testing after one of the staff devs pointed out that nd_pdo_mysql was not ticked in PHP extensions for PHP 7.2. Now that I ticked that extension it is inserting some code for the attachment instead of a broken image.

    So I think you can mark this as resolved

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