Renaming a Trophy already given results in the user being given an extra trophy he doesn't have

  • If I create a trophy and give it myself. Then rename the trophy to something else. It will result in me showing now as having two trophies - when I only have the one still. Renaming the trophy results in it being given to you as an extra new one, if you already had it before the rename.

  • This is not like it should be and should be fixed by the developer. Wise thing for you to resolve is to write the name correct the first time you make the trophy instead of writing the name wrong, pay careful attention to what you write. Also you could remove the wrong name trophy and remake it with correct name but it is easier to make it correct the first time. There is many things you need to learn on making a website, spelling things right in your language is first you need to learn.

  • Hello NicoleSophie,

    I can't reproduce this issue. Can you describe in detail how to reproduce it (maybe with screenshots) or can you provide me a test administrator account from your instance (you can send them to


    That would be nice if you were able to figure out what issue is going on with the install of his. ?

  • It's very simple to reproduce it. Create a new trophy category and add a new trophy in it created. Then manually give yourself that trophy (I also displayed it in forum posts in profile sidebar). Then go back into admin cp and rename that trophy and look on the front-end how many trophies it lists you as having then.

    I just renamed the trophy I give Paul manually from Camping Expert Trophy - to Camping Guru Trophy and you can see it now shows him as having 2 trophies when the picture shows he in fact only has one

    Now I just renamed it back again to Camping Expert Trophy and now shows he has 3 trophies.

  • This might need to execute a rebuilding data on names changes of the trophies upon saving change.

  • Yes, if you rebuild users that will correctly display the 1 trophy count back again. But it should not be increasing a users trophy count to +1 extra (that they don't have) just because you renamed the trophy in admin CP that a user has.

    Renaming that trophy 2 times now showed Paul as having 3 trophies when he in fact only has the one

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