Can a mass marketing email function be added to the Core? It's practically already there...

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    As per this thread I am looking at ways to improve marketing for my forum and have come up with a idea that I think maybe simple for Woltlab to implement.

    This is the notification email that my site sends when there is a reply in a watched thread:

    You've basically already done the work here, but can it be extended? It's already in the core to send out emails to members, I just want to be able to have my members receive a email from me almost identical to the above box but informing them of say the most recent 10 threads, or the hottest 10 topics over the last week, or 10 days etc with different options on what time frames to select and what information can be put in the marketing email.

    The emails can look similar to how information is displayed in the Dashboard, in that if posts in this marketing email are too big, they can be truncated, with the option to see more of the post.

    Additionally, I would like the marketing email to use the rounded avatars. Could this be an option with the current notification emails, please?

    These current email notifications are gorgeous looking and informative, I am sure there are other admins here who would like this functionality extended to a mass marketing email function too.

    Many thanks!


    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

  • Marcel Werk

    Added the Label Won’t be implemented

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