What browser do you use?

  • What are you using now? 19

    1. Internet Explorer (1) 5%
    2. Edge (1) 5%
    3. Firefox (5) 26%
    4. Chrome (10) 53%
    5. Opera (1) 5%
    6. Safari (1) 5%

    Generally speaking, a development should work with any modern common web browser (the more commonly used such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). Personally speaking, I switch between Opera and Firefox for my primary usage. Here on WBB's new software, I find my results a little interesting and not the usual I'd expect.

    1) Opera

    2) Safari

    3) Chrome

    4) Firefox

    5) Edge

    6) Internet Explorer

    So what is your 'go to' browser and which one do you think works better on this new software?

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