504 Gateway timeout

  • Could be based on memory or something you have installed. I only have 4 gig here and might be why FF crashed because not enough free system memory to cope with it.

    I did have DivX running in background converting a movie when I clicked the link before, that takes up a fair bit of CPU processing.

  • Its not the memory (only 3 GB at my notebook) but could be win7 or the missing dedicated video card.

  • My video card is new and has 1 GIG memory, an Asus one. Might have been because running DivX convertor. It's a CPU killer when running it and trying to do other stuff

  • 2.9 GHz (quads core)

    8 GB ram

    1 GB video

    0 plugins

    0 extensions

    It crashed for me and everyone else I showed it too (just not a few people here). It also could be reproduced by the staff, which is why they kept deleting a few of my examples (that were more intense).

    How or why really is no longer important. This appears to be fixed in the trunk (development) branch of the software. I'll check again for beta 5 and all the way through to release, to make sure this does not reoccur.

    But let's more on... The important matter is that it was fixed and not ignored.

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