cannot be older than 100 years old

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    This bug may only impact a small minority, but as do run a community for senior citizens and we do have a few (6 people) who are over 100 years old. I suspect with the advancements of medical science that number will grow.

    At the moment it is impossible to add a birthday older than 100. For example, I cannot even input yesterday's date and I suspect tomorrow I will not be able to impute today's date.

  • The minimum age is 1, that's why it won't allow you to set yesterday's date. I've increased the maximum age from 100 to 120, now matching the server-side validation, previously the JavaScript date picker was limited to 100.…928cbc2e3c344eb97d1df0200

    I think you missed your mark. Currently you cannot enter a birth date for 120. The max appears to be 114. Anything older and the site gives an error. Which should be acceptable for now, but long term, say 4-5 years from now; that may need to be addressed.

  • Hi

    “The minimum representable time is Friday 1901-12-13,”,…e#Representing_the_number

    Humanity has surpassed technology. These days that is a rare thing.

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