Translation mismatch

  • There is two language variable missing too :



    So it should be :

    <item name="wcf.acp.option.wbb_thread_max_formatted_excerpt_length"><![CDATA[Excerpt Maximum Size]]></item>
    <item name="wcf.acp.option.wbb_thread_max_formatted_excerpt_length.description"><![CDATA[Please specify the maximum size for your excerpt.]]></item>
  • For my first message, it's like this following part doesn't use othe languages :

    <h1 class="contentTitle">xxxxxxx</h1>

    I just saw another place with this problem : In Thread Log page :

    • Official Post

    The h1-elements are not language items but titles of pages which you can edit if you edit the relevant page in the ACP.

    And please, always create new threads for different issues like missing language items as it much easier for us to keep track of than multiple issues (in multiple posts) in one thread :)

  • hello,

    ok, i think it should be translated with language files because for other languages, we must change manually the title of each page !

    Thank you Matthias

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