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    displaying edit thread with a very big button is not wise IMHO, regarding the only function is to edit tittle thread.

    It is as if to invite the member: "come on edit your thread, it'easy, just hit the big button".

    I don't want my member to edit their threads everytime visitting their thread. And I am sure neither they do.

    It's not that important so you have to show it with really big button.

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    These buttons are always displayed in this manner, mostly because one cannot reliably predict the size of a button due to localization. On top of that all buttons are designed to be easily usable using your thumb without being in fear of accidentally hitting anything else.

  • Could you combine this EDIT THREAD function to .jsMessageEditButton of the first post, I mean by clicking this .jsMessageEditButton is not only editing first post content, but also editing thread tittle and tag.

    Or at least moving .jsThreadInlineEditor inside ul .messageFooterButtons of the first post.

    Just my 2 cents

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