Does the Alpha upgrade vis Admin CP

  • Seems to work now also with SQL-commands - got 571 lines of code out of 189 lines. :)

    It get's called by a shell script which updated the repository and copies the new files and templates first. I'll test it some days and then I'll post the code over here.

  • If you want to have a try:…pps/wsc3-onthefly-update/

    It's possible that i forgot to replace some hard coded paths, then just text me please and I'll update the page. ;) If you get some exceptions, let's catch them. If everything is configured the right way there should not be any exception at the moment.

    And please don't kill me for the perfect English over there.. It's 4:50 and my eyes (and my brain) want to sleep. :D

  • Yup, basically i could do it within two files, but as I mentioned there, I'm using some other actions in the shell scripts too - and I'm also updating another application on fly as well - and I don't want to habe the UpdateClasses twice in case I have to fix something. ^^

  • I'm pretty much waiting for the BETA release now when updates can be done via Admin CP. I have not installed the Alpha for around a week since, but was installing it daily at first until it got tedious doing it.

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