Language - 'wcf.user.ipAddress'

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core
    - <item name="wcf.user.ipAddress"><![CDATA[IP address]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.user.ipAddress"><![CDATA[IP Address]]></item>
  • Got it:…0f618c96496af4dbca9c1e895 LOL! Was already doing some more phrase adjustments when I noticed this thread and did it quick haha.

    Edit: I'd do some 4.2/2.2 ("missing") ones, but some of those are left up to developers to come up with first. Cause some could end up changing before release anyway and pointless to trying to implement phrases during development, when they are only known by the devs themselves. (Since I don't know the features, functions of the features, etc... wouldn't know what names they planned for them.)

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