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    WoltLab Suite Core


    - <item name=""><![CDATA[&laquo; Back]]></item>
    + <item name=""><![CDATA[« Back]]></item>

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  • To be honest I don't know what is better » or », but is necessary decide one for consistency.

    Yeah, and I asked in comment about couple other ones I found in the lang file, waiting on alex to reply about it. Don't hurt to ask of course, cause never know... :)

    <item name=""><![CDATA[{implode from=$pieces item=piece glue=' » '}{$piece|language}{/implode}]]></item>

    <item name=""><![CDATA[Please send the ID above to the site administrator.<br />The error message can be looked up at “ACP » Logs » Errors”.]]></item>

    Those probably don't matter though, but not sure.

    • Official Post

    The HTML entities date back to when WCF did not require UTF-8 (Burning Board 3), where we could not use the actual characters. WCF 2 always uses UTF-8, hence we can just use the chars instead of referencing the entity.

    So the actual "fix" would be to always use the UTF-8 character. It's also just about consistency, as it doesn't change anything if we use either the char or the entity sequence - the result is always the same.

  •, yeah... that was confusing coder-head talk lol. so do pull request putting it back to way it was, or go ahead and fix them all with &raquo; ...

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