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    I think is good idea be notified when a new participant is added to a conversation. In this moment the new participant can to read the private conversation.

    Something similar to: {User} added a new participant/{count} new participants to the conversation {title}.

  • In general, it would be much better and nicer if you got a list of users within the conversations on some type of prompt page to either accept or decline being added to conversations. The one being added won't be able to view the conversation at all, until they choose to "accept" being added to conversations in first place, or if they "decline" the prompt of being added to conversation they won't see anything at all.

    There's been a lot of cases where I'd just rather not be part of conversations at all, and then have to keep changing privacy settings "can add me to conversations" to "those I follow" just to avoid conversations from people I'd rather not be conversing with. Having prompt page / notifications first would help minimize the need to change privacy settings for it all the time. Or, maybe my idea / thoughts makes more work, I'm not sure.

    But maybe have little notification prompt at top of page, where users can easily accept or decline the invites to any conversations at all. "Johnny started conversation with you. Accept or Decline" If accepted, you can be taken right to conversation, if declined, you can stay on current page you're at. If Johnny invites you to join conversation that has been started with other users, they get notified of who is all part of the conversation.

    Edit 1: I suppose then it's just as much work doing that route, than it is to keep privacy settings as "registered users can send conversations" and then just "leave" conversations immediately after being added to them, from those you'd rather not be conversing with. Lol.

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  • My suggestion is only a idea to be transparent and notify to other users about new participants.

    I like the current conversation system with three options: registered users, users I'm following and nobody. It's easy.

    We have to follow only the really interesting people for us. Sometimes happens similar to Twitter with the follow and 'courtesy' followback. I think the wall can be a good place for request a conversation.


    Maybe is a good idea create a plugin with a courtesy message saying you don't want new conversations in this moment and closing automatically the conversation. The icon can be a fa-paper-plane-o (flying to trash bin :P).

  • well it's certainly intresting.

    aus angst vor Capslock nutze ich selten shift.

    in fear of capslock I rarely use shift.

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