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  • Hello, hope all of you had a happy new year.

    I'd like to know which regulation should I use for the legal notice page:

    I live in Switzerland (Romandie) and I read that the legal notice is mandatory for Swiss websites but my site is not Swiss. It is hosted in Germany but it is not in German nor addressed to German people. It is addressed to Colombian people, more specifically to fans of a Colombian football club. I have a .com domain and I will buy the .co and set it up as the main domain.

    The default language of my website is Spanish, I also have it in English (eventually I'd also like to have it in French but I'd need to translate a lot of plugins and I don't have enough time). Since I don't speak German and just can form a few phrases, I won't have the site in this language.

    I don't perform any commercial activity on my site (no product sales, no ads, etc.), at least not yet, and I don't have a VAT ID. So I'm really confused, I don't know if the legal notice page of my website has to be done according to the laws of Germany (where the site is hosted), Switzerland (where I live) or Colombia (where the site is addressed) and in which language ?(

    My styles and plugins in the Plugin-Store.

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