Guest perms, quote option still avail

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    WoltLab Suite Forum

    Have forums restricted so that guests basically can only enter and read forums along with report content.

    The quote (") option still shows up on posts, and the user clicks it, and the spinning wheel comes up, and nothing happens (which is good), but the spinner should not pop up, and maybe the quote button shouldn't even be there.

    I have the guest permission set on the individual forms.

    PS - Happens here too, logout, pull up a thread as guest, hit the quote button, watch spinner spin spin spin.

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  • I also have one forum setup that allows guest to post on it but have never understood with other forums guest can only read, why they see the quote button to use when they can't even post replies. And the spinning wheel pops up, but notice it adds the quote to the browser as 1 quote added

  • along with report content

    I would disable that for guests if I was you, as it means any guest can report content on all forums they can see and spam you with false reports. I disabled report posts for guests on mine, just seems a really bad idea allowing guests to do that and opens a big can of worms for being abused

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