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    Should simply be

    While the 2nd option works... Click other tag links will add ?objectType=com.woltlab.wbb.thread. That isn't SEO friendly and shouldn't be displayed.

  • It is simply necessary for the software and has nothing to do with search engine optimization.

    I'm confident it can be made more SEO friendly. If everyone else can do it and does do it... You can too.

    And since that is how Google does it and ranks and indexes such... You should.

  • Do you even know what this variable is used for? It has a specific feature and thus is necessary.

    This extension of the URL ?objectType=com.woltlab.wbb.thread defines which tab is used in the search.
    If it is changed to ? the blog tab is highlighted, as you can see in the screenshot.

    I'm aware what it is for... It never the less can and should be made more SEO friendly. If everyone else can do it, so can Woltlab.

  • That is how IP.Board or XenForo build search URLs.

    I think your reply is a little unintentionally misleading. Search engines typically do not use the standard search function as you have displayed in your screen shot.

    As a result Google and Bing do not index those type of pages. ;)

    For example IP.Board the actual tag is labeled accordingly

  • There is still no difference if you filter for applications.

    tags=suite ~ tagged/2178-album/
    type=downloads_file ~ ?objectType=com.woltlab.wbb.thread

    @Alexander Ebert for IP.Board tags are listed by /search/ ;)

    Linux: Born to Frag 8) :D

  • To be honest I can't understand because the filters appear in the URLs. In the case of the boards that generates a lot unnecessary urls for search engines... I'm not developer but as user/customer I think there are others more beautiful and useful alternatives.

    I did this suggestion in the past: URL of labels.

    The URLs of the labels are ugly and there aren't useful. You can't understand the label when you see the URL. You can't know the id of the one label and do a quick search...

    Example: This url is easily recognizable, you can know what is the label ID 10 and do a quick search writting ?label=10 in the URL.

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