A How-to guide for enabling media providers

  • Well yes I am ...but if it could be addressed via a plugin that enhances the existing [media] bbcode tag to include more video/audio sources that would be much better.

    Music is life! That's why hearts have beats.

  • A few weeks ago, i started to create a Plugin for each media provider.
    They are in the Pluginstore.

    I don't publish them here in the WB-Store, because they won't be accepted.

    1. When you uninstall the plugins you need to delete the media provider manual.

    2. the normal media providers are in a iframe with a fix width and height. So when you enter the page on you mobile phone you see a half player. Some of my providers (where it is possible) are in addition with a div and i set the width and height with css

    EDIT: i'll add more the next days

  • Normal for a plugin is, that it remove itself during uninstallation
    But you can only add a Mediaprovider with sql.

    So when you unistall the plugin the mediaprovider is already there.
    Only install and update (when you don't change the name) works.

    It's not fail-safe.

    EDIT: i'll create a collection of media providers as an plugin until tomorrow

  • Hey,

    here is the Link for the Plugin:

    The following media providers are supported:

    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • MyVideo
    • Clipfish
    • Veoh
    • DailyMotion
    • github gist
    • Soundcloud
    • Soundcloud set
    • YouKu
    • Facebook-Videos
    • TwitchTV
    • Justin.tv
    • Ustream
    • Collegehumor
    • Myspace
    • Metacafe
    • JibJab
    • Ted
    • Instagram
    • Vine
    • IMDB Videos

    Tell me if you miss a media provider. i'll try to include it.

    Visit my Homepage or write me for support

  • @Aslan

    The conversation is about a Plugin witch add the general Funktion of the Media BBCode for wcf1.1
    At the end he described how to add a Amazon media provider.

    I will add it to my collection. Give me 1-2 days.

    EDIT: The Code from SoftCreatR doesn't work. It takes a little bit longer to find the solution. I'll keep you up to date

  • I'm reminded that this is open source and that @JoshyPHP said anyone could use this... So long as credit is given ;)


  • I am having a lot of problems with twitframe recentlly. In my forum there is one thread just for tweets, and the re-size script never gets all of them. In addition, some frames get this "flickering" problem after the resize: it adds a scrollbar which shrinks the width of the content, and then it immediately expands again, but that makes the scrollbar come back... and it just keeps "flickering" like that.

    Also, the resize script barely seems to work at all in Microsoft Edge.

    I found out I can solve the flickering by putting scrolling="no" in the media provider code, but the problem is that the resize almost never works in Microsoft browsers... in fact is has some opposite effect, it only puts a tiny piece of the tweet, and then you can't scroll down inside to see the rest.

  • It seems one of my problems is that if a tweet will take too long to load, then the script will resize to the size of "loading tweet" message instead of to size of tweet, and that's why I get those small pieces. I guess I have to find a way to tell the second half of the script to delay for five seconds or such.

    How much would it cost to have developed, a top notch plugin whose only function is to change a tweet ID or tweet url, into an embedded tweet, and make darn sure that it will be displayed properly in the WBB?

  • My issue was mostly solved with some help from the_waiters

    Footer code from the discussion here Einbetten von Tweets and indeed the script code from twitframe website itself, is competing with waiters plugin and is not needed anymore. Refreshing the plugin and deleting old info stopped my flickering problem.

    My remaining problem only happens in certain browsers on a page which has too many tweets; the script loads before the query to twitter is resolved, so sometimes tweets are resized to the size of "loading tweet" message instead of to the size of the tweet.

    So I guess in case you have a site which tends to have a lot of tweets on the same page, then I can recommend these browsers which performed fine (on Windows, so of course I didn't test Safari, linux versions, etc):

    Pale Moon

    I had resize issues caused by tweet loading times on: MS IE 11, MS Edge, Firefox, Maxthon

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