Hide BBCode (IMG & URL) for Guests

  • I'm trying to give a better reason for guests to register on my forum. It has guides, tutorials, etc.

    I believe that hiding just a few key contents (such as images, videos and links) would be enough to make them register on the forums to see the full content.

    Some plugin that would block the BBCode content and say: "You cannot view this content because you are not registered."
    (Leaving a message is not the most important thing tho, I already have a message plugin that tells what are the disvantages of being just a guest).

    I found a plugin that would might work for me: @Plunts "Hide Hack", but it doesn't have a WBB 4.0 version...

    Any help? ;)

  • What? How I missed that? :/ I'm sorry! haha

    Many thanks too! That was the last plugin I needed for my newest forum big upgrade!
    That my thread be useful as a door for others that are also in need of that plugin!

  • How I missed that? I'm sorry! haha

    Lol. It's okay, just in the sidebar on right side, choose in drop menu which WBB version you need plugins for, select 4.0, and it automatically refreshes with all 4.0 plugins, styles, etc. :) Also on plugin store main page, there's categories and sub categories too, and BBcodes is a sub category, choose that section, then in right sidebar, pick 4.0 version.

    Many thanks too!

    You're welcome, glad I could help! :)

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