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    I propose separate “Users Online Info Box” (in the footer of the Forum List) from "Users Online List". I like show that users are online (info box) but I don't like show what they are doing (users online list).

    Show in the Forum List the online users motivates to participate and shows the forum's activity but I don't like that the users can view who are doing other users (https://www.woltlab.com/usersonlinelist/).

    Edit. I use "separate" term because the ACP option to show the box and the User Online List (/users-online-list/) is the same Display “Users Online” list.

    I propose create two different options:

    - Display Users Online box in the page footer. (and add group permissions)
    - Display Users Online List. (and add group permissions)

    If the user can't see the user online list the page is not linked in the Users Online InfoBox to not generate 403 errors.

    ** I use Users Online Info Box because in the source code appear <li class="box32 usersOnlineInfoBox">.

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