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    - I rewrote this suggestion -

    I'm testing the new ads feature. The position of this ad is Sidebar (top). I want only shows ads in board list and thread list pages but no in the user profile. I think there should be more available positions this ads (more customizable).

    My reasons are aesthetic but maybe other customer want use a .png ad in the dashboard and adsense in other pages.

    I propose add Page condition and select in which page displays.

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  • We've looked into this, but the system follows a more stream-lined approach which makes it hard to implement something like that:

    • Using general placeholders (regardless of the actual page) has the upside of providing a simple way for 3rd party plugins to inherit this, all they need to do is toss in a single line and they're done and your ads are displayed there too
    • The use-cases are rather limited, we would need to offer a complex interface to not only define the ad position but also the matching pages. The majority just wants to have the ability of tossing in the pre-generated ad code (e.g. google adsense) and just drop it where they want without facing a fall of possible options

    So basically, while we do recognize the potential upsides of such a fine-grained control, it would over-complicate it for almost everyone else. It was intended to keep it simple and stupid.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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