Editor - double color bbcode

  • Affected Version
    WoltLab Suite 6.0
    Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Forum

    If you have selected a text and you change the font color and then makes text bold if you change the text color again double color BBCode is generated. Example: [color=#FF0000][b][color=#00FF00]example[/color][/b][/color]. In WBB 3.1 editor this not happens.

    WBB 3.1.mp4

    WBB 4.1.mp4

    Edited 2 times, last by Aethior (June 30, 2023 at 8:13 PM).

  • I have reported this issue to Imperavi, while I do have a vague idea how to work-around it, I prefer waiting for them to take care of it. This has two reasons:

    • This issue is technically directly related to a few other issues concerning inline formatting, while they have a different outcome they all origin from the same source
    • While it may be wasteful to let such HTML pass through, it doesn't break anything, in fact all it does is adding some useless extra markup

    In the fast weeks I have traced down a few issues related to each other and while I'm able to resolve every single one of them, I can barely foresee the outcome of my changes. Imperavi is on holidays until January 5th, I will wait until then to see if they already have something in the working. In case there are no positive signals from them I will take care of these (including this one) on my own.

    tl;dr: This is related to a bug inside the editor responsible for a bunch of other issues. I'm waiting for Imperavi to resolve this, yet - no matter what happens - this issue will be resolved before the final version is released

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