Ads - New position: Board List

  • We will change the category ad locations in the next RC release. They will applied only on the forum index page.

    Thank you very much @Marcel Werk, but is possible also add Body List - After the last forum category position? I don't want to be repetitive but see my sketches please.

    The ads that I want in my forum. You can check that all sketches have the same appearance (ads after first category/post and before the statistics/share).

    (I have to define the number of posts in my threads (10 or 20), but it is a example)

    Thank you very much for your attention, sincerely.

  • @Marcel Werk can you tell me something about this please?

    Now Board List is a independent category and with Body List - After the last forum category I can show ads only in the the bottom area of the Board List, and all pages with ads have the same appearance (sketches).

    Example with ACP settings for ads displayed in my sketches:

    Edit. @Alexander Ebert can you forward it internally please? (I feel ignored XD)

    The WBB 4.1 is near and I don't have way to show ads only in the bottom area of the board list. I think the sketches have much sense.

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