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    This issue was discussed in this thread: Users Access Log

    I need to have a access log from my users, and dont find this in the system.
    So, i made a little change in the wcf_session table, putting a trigger to feed another table with the session log information.
    But i dont like to made any changes directly in the Database, and just do this because i dont have other option (plug-in, etc).
    So i propose to have this function i the next version of WL.
    Thanks for all support!

  • @leolivei I think I know what you are proposing (IP records and times), but can you be a little more specific on exactly what a user access log would detail (just to be sure)?!

  • Hi Adam,
    Yes, in my opinion, a good structure will be userid, ip, time...
    Another good information will be what forums was accessed by this user. In my case, i have users with diferent access levels in diferent forums.

    Thanks for all attention.

  • Hi Adam, thanks for help.
    But i dont need to know only the IP address. What i need more is know who user is access the board, who dont.
    And if he is accessing, what boards.
    I study the UZ Community Bot - Burning Board-Integration to trace the access, but its only works if users make some activity (post ou like).

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