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    Just guessing...

    I've tried but no success.

    Can I set an option for force user to change the password?

    Can't find it where, if possible.

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

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  • you can change the password for everyone and generate a new one which will be sent via email to them.

    @SoftCreatR developed that plugin, which you can you can find in the pluginstore.
    Send new password or so it's called.


    I can do that.

    But this way the user may or may not change the password.

    I want to force the password change after que login.

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

    Help translate Woltlab: I'm in!

  • I believe it send them a new password in the email link. Their old password is deleted at that point. I have this on my site but only used it once when we first moved over to WBB. The only thing I don't like about the auto generated passwords is they look like this


    These kind of passwords confuse some because they can't see the little stuff.

  • No misunderstanding.

    I generated the user password, let's say 123abc.

    When the user logs in again, it should be referred to a page to make the changing of the password. The password 123abc I generated (or pluggin) should be temporary, only one access.

    Best Regards,
    Evandro (aka e.meneses)

    Help translate Woltlab: I'm in!

  • Ok then I misunderstood you I guess.
    So this should only be used once for login and then a redirect should happen to change the password to their personal preferences.

    I'm not sure if such a "system" will be implemented in the core. But I do understand your reasonsing and would vote for it as well,
    Especially after what Rasty already said. The system generated password is not easy to remember and will confuse more users. So one time login with the generated password (which is implemtend as core in WCF 2.1) should be the suggestion ;)

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