Nested quotes via selection not properly showing correct user nesting

  • The quote was done manually by selecting it with the cursor and quoting it directly. This process only quotes the raw text and disregards any formatting included in the quoted message.

    There are two ways to quote messages:

    • Click on the quote button, this will yield a code where the original message will be shown because it uses the raw message as stored in the database
    • Mark text with the cursor and click on the quote overlay, in that case the current selection will be stored as raw text
  • Yes, however, if you're quoting as raw text, it is still attributing anything quoted as from the user the post you got the raw text from.

    At the very least, is there a way to have the system check to see if someone is quoting text from within a quote, then have it remove the user attribution from the quote? Or perhaps do this for all raw text quotes?

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