maximum allowed edit time

  • This counts as "posts" and not "comments" there is a big difference.
    Threads ands posts are part of the WBB application and not part of the WCF framework.

    The thing Marcel has implemented for WL Blog 2.1 is that the Blog Entries have a new "permission" max alloed edited time as you suggested.

    But this does NOT count for comments to it.

    Which means I only got 1/2 of what I needed.... * sigh *

    I need the future... yesterday

  • Create a new suggestion in the WCF suggestion forum.

    maximum allowed edit time

    As workaround you can


    Can edit own comments
    Can delete own comments

    Innocent people mistype or hit submit twice on their slower connection. So its a good idea to let people edit or delete. I have no desire to 'punish' everyone else, just because of a few rotten apple's

    But because of those rotten apple's... this... maximum allowed edit time

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