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    Almost every software available collects basic statistics on their individual usage and so do forum softwares in general. Everyone has seen these fancy numbers like 123.456 Posts visible on the forum's index, but similar to all these numbers out there, they tell only half the truth. Especially forum owners would like to know how their forum developed in the past and how certain events affected the overall activity. Burning Board 4.1 adds a flexible tool to collect, view and compare all these numbers:

    You can filter by a specific period of time by specifying a start and end date and the system will present you the aggregated data. No matter if you wish to view the activity of the past 30 days or how your forum evolved over the past years, the system offers different scales (day, week, month and year) and two different units to measure: The difference to the previous data point and the total number.

    The tool offers you various different types of data, including the number of registered users, received likes and written conversation messages. It is worth noting, that the statistics are modular and can be extended with plugins to provide arbitrary data to help you measure your forum's activity.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

  • Loving this :)

  • Are there any plans improving the statistics(e.g. adding new categories) for WoltLab Suite 3.1?

    E.g. How many comments? How many users are using the site per day? How many likes an article has in average?

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