Import a new style gives a 403 forbidden error...

  • Hello,

    In a couple of days i keep receiving messages with a 403 forbidden error.


    Error occurred: 403 - forbidden
    Apache Server at:

    I get this error when i want to IMPORT or EDIT a style in WBB 3.1.
    I never had this issue before, and i can't figure it out what causes this issue...
    When i chmod all the files to 777 has also no effect....

    I really hope somebody have seen this error before so that i can fix it... it cause a lot of trouble...
    I don't mind if you can fix it and ask some money for it, i just want it to be solved.

    Please somebody help me with this error ?(

    With kind regards,
    Kylian, Vanstaen. 8)

  • Hi, the same happens to me with WBB4.0.0 pl1

    Every time I want to save an edited style I get the following error:

    HTTP 403

    You don't have permission to access /foro/acp/index.php/StyleEdit/3/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Please can I get some help on this? Thanks a lot!

  • Hi, according to
    Fehlermeldung beim Style anpassen.

    I changed permissions to 777 in all the wcf folder, but this didn't work. Even for some of the folders (wcf, fonts) I had to revert the permissions to 755 to make WBB work properly again.

    According to
    Theme import error , I reviewed the available configuration in my hosting cPanel but there is nothing about suhosin. What exact changes or configuration should I request to my hosting provider?

    Is there any way to diagnose exactly what permissions or configurations are wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You have to change the values for your suhosin configuration:

    • suhosin.request.max_vars => 2000
    • => 2000
    • max_input_vars => >1000
  • Thanks a lot for your response! Unfortunately, during these days I had to change my hosting provider, and the new one does save the styles without errors. So finally I didn't have the chance to try this...

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