Burning Board 4.0 Sneak Preview

  • Thanks Alexander. :)

    One more question. Will there be any improvement on the ability to design styles? I was somewhat disappointed in seeing that a lot of coding is still necessary for simple design styling. Nice to see a palette though.

  • It is still the same:
    For basic changes you can simply change the color values. However if you want to create a unique style you have to use several CSS delaractions.

  • Sorry to say, but I very much like Xenforo, to the same standard layout. Layout of modules, etc ...

    The price is ridiculous...$140 for a license and $250 for branding removal? That feels more like highway robbery to me.

  • The wait is killing me, come on guys, get it released. :)

    The wait is worth trust me, plugin developers had/have time to change their plugins to wcf 2.0, style designers as well. I predict a nice future for this new wbb/wcf, some good developers growth almost from 0 with 3.x/1.x.

    I don't know if there was a time when woltlab had a better DEV community than it have today, someone correct me if ...

  • 4 more days :) feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

    Hope your servers stand up to the increase of activity on the 12th

    Will the download become immediately available in the client area?

    You should knock up some sort of coundown on your front page. 8)


  • Sorry to say, but I very much like Xenforo, to the same standard layout. Layout of modules, etc ...

    -The first public beta release of XenForo was released in October 2010
    -WBB released in 2001

    Get the facts and dont waste bandwidth

  • Starting off with the presentation of Burning Board 4.0, we decided to focus on videos describing any upcoming changes and improvements.
    The first video contains a quick preview of the major changes in Burning Board 4.0, future videos will grant a…

    I wanted to go for XF, but WBB looks more sleek ad amazing.
    Keep up the great work.
    BTW is there an Importer to WBB from MYBB.

  • @envira We do support an import from MyBB 1.6.x :)

    @Alexander Ebert
    Thanks for confirming, i have few forums with MyBB and i am planning to make a move to new platform XF.
    But now i have another option too. Whatever i am sure i could get a license soon :).
    I am a MyBB Designer, (my site : www.myskins.org ) and hopefully i can extend my themes to WBB too.
    I have few more customers who are interested in this :) , hopefully we will contact you soon.

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