when did you start using WBB?

  • Well, I purchased WBB3 on December 29, 2007 but never got around using it. Now, I just started using it about three days ago for an upcoming project of mine. Still getting used to the software and using Google Translate to search for plugins and forums posts as there are not many in English.

  • I starting using it somewhere around June 2011 with WBB Lite. It's a pretty nice piece of forum software that's to say.

  • 30.05.2012 version 3.17

    I tried various open source options, but couldn't get all the plugins I wanted to work. I needed a platform that worked well with community plugins and styles. Needless to say burning Board has surpassed all my expectations. I should have purchased this software a year ago, would have saved me a lot of hand wringing.

    To the Woltlab team...good job! :thumbup:

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