problem on this system

  • why i am getting this error "You are not allowed to enter this page. You do not have the required access rights to enter this page."
    i always get this error when i try to get in to link that publish on the forum
    the links are for projects and from some reason i cant see them.

  • two reasons:

    a) many plugin authors deleted their plugins here - so if the link is older you might hit a deleted project
    b) some authors publish links to projects that are not yet public available - you have to wait till the wcom team checks and authorizes them.


  • That's a good question my friend. Even when I started to register this account, after I clicked "submit", I always got that response. I always wondered and didn't understand why. After a few minutes, I got a verification letter from my mail telling for the last step to do. that's the time I started using this site. I'm just curious on what does it really mean!

  • after your registration you have to verify that the email you used is correct. thus an email is sent to the adress containing an unique link - when you click it, the system knows that you got the email and the adress given is valid ;)

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