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    Currently collapsing categories is in my opinion not good made. It costs much more time to do this action then in 3.1. Also, 3.1 collapsing feature looks better. What about making this similar to that from our current stable version? What do you think?

  • For me it's much more faster in WBB4 than WBB3 but I think it would be pretty neat if you could change that behavior in the style editor.

  • Yeah! And I've seen such a phenomenon... If WoltLab 3.X has many categories, WoltLab 4.0 is collapsing categories much faster, but in the opposite situation WoltLab 3.X win with his fancy effect 8o .

  • And how it look in IPB?

    Edited 2 times, last by Trace: "it" not "to". I don't know why I have written so :). Also, testing edit reason. ().

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    I was pointing out, that a smoother effect causes a lot more overhead in CSS, as we heavily make use of the direct descendant selector >. Using them prevents selectors from mismatching similar structures.

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