Custom Templates

Creating a new Template Group

The default templates themselves cannot be customized, because they are redeployed during updates, causing any changes to be discarded. Custom templates solves this by adding another layer on top of it, preserving your modifications at any time.

Template groups are used as a holder and to combine modified templates, their name is only used within the admin panel and is only used to ease the recognition of certain groups.

Copying an Existing Template

You need to create a copy of an existing template before being able to apply modifications to it. You can make use of the filters in the very top of the template list, to quickly search and identify the template you’re looking for.

Click on the highlighted icon in front of the selected template, it will then redirect you to a new form that is used to create a template variant. You only have to copy the template once, it can be edited again at any time later.

Please pay attention to the destination template group at the very top, make sure that your newly created template group is selected before submitting the form.

Enabling the Custom Templates

Modified templates aren’t used by default and must be enabled by assigning them to specific styles. This allows you to provide different variations of the same template for multiple styles.

You can edit any style and scroll to the very bottom of the page, and selected your template group from the selection marked above. The changes will take effect once you submit the form with the updated selection.