Change Directory Structure

Change app data in the ACP

If you want to move the forum to another directory/domain, then it is necessary that you adjust the directory/domain under Configuration -> Packages -> Manage Apps.

Example: The forum was installed under and will now be moved directly into the main directory

WoltLab Suite Core
Until now: New:
Domain: Domain:
Path: / Path: /cms/

WoltLab Suite Forum
Until now: New:
Domain: Domain:
Path: /forum/ Path: /

Note: If you change the full domain, then the cookie domain must be changed to the new domain also. The entry is identical to the domain under domain settings.

In addition, you must adjust the packageDir column for the package WoltLab Suite Forum in the database table wcf1_package. Enter the new folder name relative to the core (in the above example, ../).

Now it's time to move the files in the file system. Connect via FTP to your web space and create a folder cms and move the following folders and files to the newly created folder:

  • acp/
  • attachments/
  • cache/
  • font/
  • icon/
  • images/
  • js/
  • language/
  • lib/
  • log/
  • media_files/
  • sitemaps/
  • style/
  • templates/
  • tmp/
  • cli.php
  • global.php
  • index.php

In the last step, move all folders and files from the forum directory to the main directory.

Finally, the file in the main directory must be edited. The following line if (!defined('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR')) define('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR', RELATIVE_WBB_DIR.'../'); must be amended as follows: if (!defined('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR')) define('RELATIVE_WCF_DIR', RELATIVE_WBB_DIR.'cms/');. If other applications are installed, the files must also be adapted accordingly.

Thrown out of the ACP

If you have taken the wrong order and have been thrown of the ACP, then you can change the paths with phpMyAdmin directly in the database in the table wcf1_application. In order for the change to take effect, you must also empty via FTP the Directory /cache/.

Directory/Domain already changed

If you have already changed the directory/domain and now the old directory/domain are passed when calling the forum, then call the ACP via direct link. To do this, add to the usual forums address the path /acp/ (e.g.