Switching to Burning Board 4

When switching from another software version or forums software you want at usually that the new forum can be called via the same URL as the old forum. For this purpose, the following procedure is recommended.

  • Copy the old forum into a new subdirectory (eg backup) or rename the existing folder
  • Upload the 3 installation files from Burning Board 4 into the directory above that the forum should be accessible.

Example 1: So far your forum is called from your domain, eg http://www.woltlab.com. Login via FTP to your webspace and create a folder named eg backup. In this folder you will now copy all the files and folders of your old forum from the root directory. Then, you install Burning Board 4 back directly into your root directory.

Example 2: So far your forum could be reached via eg http://www.woltlab.com/forum/. Log in via FTP to your webspace and then rename the folder forum into eg backup. Now create a new folder forum and install Burning Board 4 in there.

This procedure has the advantage that you neither must redirect your domain or change paths into Burning Board 4 later.

Installing Burning Board 4

Unzip the zip file to your hard drive. You'll get these files:

  • upload/test.php
  • upload/install.php
  • upload/WCFSetup.tar.gz
  • License agreement.txt
  • Lies mich.txt
  • Lizenzbestimmungen.txt
  • Read me.txt

The file "WCFSetup.tar.gz" is also an archive. Never unzip that archive!

Upload as already mentioned, the test.php, install.php and WCFSetup.tar.gz into the desired directory on your webspace. Open the test.php in your Web browser. If PHP 5.3.2 has successful been found on your web space, please start the installation.

Please follow the instructions of the installation assistant. The asstistant checks again in addition to the web space absolutely necessary system requirements. If there something thats not green, then please contact your web host associated if this function can still be changed. Otherwise, the proper operation of Burning Board 4 can not be guaranteed.

Next you will be asked for the installation directory for the Community Framework. Please note that the first directory specification is not to be for the forum itself. The installation assistant suggests a default folder with the name wcf in front.

Please keep your MySQL access data ready for installation. These can be found usually in the customer area of your web host. If you do not find this there, then please contact the customer support of your web host.

Please note that the progress of the installation script can vary from time to time – do not cancel this process too soon. This behavior is completely normal. The duration of the installation depends on many factors such as your Internet bandwidth, the server speed and load as well as the chosen packages.

Next you need to create your administrator account. In the next step the actual installation of Burning Board 4 begins. The assistant will now prompted for the install directory for the forum.The directory is proposed as the default directory in which you uploaded the install.php.

You now have the option to install optional packages. With a data transfer from another software, you must select the importer here.

Data transfer

After successful installation you will find the data import under Administration -> Maintenance -> Import Data.

Database Credentials: Insert here the access data to the source database. The table prefix can be looked up into phpMyAdmin. You can usually find phpMyAdmin in the customer area of your web host.

Path to the installation: The absolute server path to the source forum must be entered here. By default the home directory of the domain is specified. If you have followed our example from above, then you need only add /backup to the path.

Please keep in mind, that the duration of the import process depends on many factors, like quantity of forums, posts and attachments in your old forum system, but also many other factors. Do not abort the procedure too early! In case of large forums it is recommended to import via the command line.

Instructions for this can be found here: CLI Import

After you have finished the data import, you should update the counters under Administration -> Maintenance -> Update counters.