CLI Import

For larger forums it makes sense to import via the command line and not through the ACP.


  • SSH access
  • The CLI PHP extension must be installed on the server
  • Ideally screen is also installed on the server (The process continues even if the Internet connection is interrupted)
  • An SSH client such as Putty is needed (

Start the CLI import
Login to the server using Putty and change to the wcf directory by Burning Board 4. If screen is installed on your server, then you can start the CLI import as follows (The correct PackageID for Burning Board 4 you find under Administration -> System -> Packages -> Manage applications

screen -S import php cli.php --packageID=4

Alternatively, please use php cli.php --packageID=4.

If you use screen, you can now change with screen -x import into the session.

Disclosures for the import assistant

Username: Enter your administrator name from the forum.
Password: The associated password

> After a successful login, enter import.

Select Data source: Here will be asked what Importer you want to use. Enter the appropriate number.

Import the selected data: Now the data is requested that we want to import. So we start with 1 for users and then say 0 for all. So we choose one by one.

Behavior for colliding user acounts: Depending on whether it is a fresh install or already have users, they should be merged during import.

Database Credentials: Please enter the login information to the source database. These are available in the configuration file of the old forum (eg

Table Prefix: When importing from a Burning Board 3.x, the prefix is eg wbb1_1_. The phpBB usually use phpbb_ etc.
The correct table prefix can be checked into phpMyAdmin.

Installation Path: Note that the absolute server path must be entered to the old forum.

Please keep in mind, that the duration of the import process depends on many factors, like quantity of forums, posts and attachments in your old forum system, but also many other factors. Do not abort the procedure too early!

Update counters

After you have finished the data import, you should update the counters. This can be done with the following commands in the CLI session:

worker wcf\\system\\worker\\LikeRebuildDataWorker
worker wcf\\system\\worker\\LikeUserRebuildDataWorker
worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostRebuildDataWorker
worker wbb\\system\\worker\\ThreadRebuildDataWorker
worker wbb\\system\\worker\\BoardRebuildDataWorker
worker wcf\\system\\worker\\ConversationMessageRebuildDataWorker
worker gallery\\system\\worker\\AlbumRebuildDataWorker (Only if the gallery is installed)
worker gallery\\system\\worker\\ImageRebuildDataWorker (Only if the gallery is installed)
worker gallery\\system\\worker\\ThumbnailRebuildDataWorker (Only if the gallery is installed)
worker blog\\system\\worker\\BlogRebuildDataWorker (Only if the blog is installed)
worker calendar\\system\\worker\\EventDateRebuildDataWorker (Only if the calendar is installed)
worker wcf\\system\\worker\\ConversationRebuildDataWorker
worker calendar\\system\\worker\\EventRebuildDataWorker (Only if the calendar is installed)
worker filebase\\system\\worker\\FilebaseRebuildDataWorker (Only if the filebase is installed)
worker wcf\\system\\worker\\UserRebuildDataWorker
worker wcf\\system\\worker\\AttachmentRebuildDataWorker
worker wcf\\system\\worker\\StatDailyRebuildDataWorker (Only if Burning Board 4.1 is installed)
worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostSearchIndexRebuildDataWorker (Only if Burning Board 4.1 is installed)

The update takes just as long as the import itself!