Box: Last X Posts

Add a new system box in the ACP under Content -> CMS -> Boxes by clicking on the + sign.

Fill the fields as follows:

General information:

  1. Name: Enter the name of the box that is shown in the overview in the ACP (e.g., Last X posts).
  2. Controller: Threads
  3. Position: Select the desired position in the content area (top or bottom)
  4. CSS Class Name: This field must only be filled if the optics of the box should deviate from the standard. In this case, you must insert the CSS class, including the additional information in the style you are using.
  5. Link: none
  6. Maximum Number of Items: Select how many posts should be displayed in the box.
  7. Sorting: Last Reply, descending
  8. Only threads whose last post has not been read: This option should be activated if the box should update automatically after reading a post. If there are no unread posts, the complete box will be hidden!
  9. Display Mode: Table


Enter the name that should be shown publicly on the website.


Here you can set whether the box is displayed globally on all pages except on the explicitly selected pages or the box should not be displayed except on the explicitly selected pages.

Restricted Access

By default, boxes are visible to all users. Alternatively, you can explicitly specify which users or user groups should be able to see the box.

The finished box looks as follows: