Preparations & considerations

1. Download from the customer area the full package of your purchased product. Unzip the zip file to your hard drive. You will get these files:

  • upload/test.php
  • upload/install.php
  • upload/WCFSetup.tar.gz
  • License agreement.txt
  • Lies mich.txt
  • Lizenzbestimmungen.txt
  • Read me.txt

Note: The file "WCFSetup.tar.gz" is also an archive. Never unzip that archive!

2. You will need the FTP and MySQL access data. Alternatively, please use the WebFTP from your web hosting provider. Both can be found in the customer area of your web hosting provider. If you can not find the information there, then please contact the support of your web hosting provder!

3. Upload the three files from the "upload" subdirectory with your FTP program/WebFTP to a directory of your choice on your web space. Consider uploading the files to the directory, where you want WoltLab Suite to be installed later.

4. To be safe your web space fulfils the system requirements, consider testing the PHP support first! All you need to do so is opening the file "test.php" in your browser and see the results. For example (replace "" with the name of your domain). If your server doesn't fulfils the system requirements, you may contact your web host to ask for some solution. For a dedicated server, please install the missing components.

The Installation

1. If no problems were found when calling the test.php, you can start the installation process by clicking on the button Start Installation.

2. Please follow the instructions of the installation wizzard. The wizzard checks again if the web space meets the system requirements. If there is something that is not green, then please contact your web host provider if this function can still be changed. The installation can not continued until all requirements are met.

3. At the next step, you will be asked for the installation directory for the CMS and your chosen product (app). By default, the main directory is suggested for the CMS. All other apps are installed in appropriate subfolders.

4. Please keep your MySQL access data ready for installation. These can be found usually in the customer area of your web hosting provider. If you do not find it there, then please contact the customer support of your web hosting Provider.

5. Now some packages are installed.

Please note that the progress of the installation script can vary from time to time – do not cancel this process too soon. This behavior is completely normal. The duration of the installation depends on many factors such as your Internet bandwidth, the server speed and load as well as the chosen packages.

Next you need to create your administrator account.

6. You now have the option to install optional packages. With migrating data from another software, you should select the importer here.

7. Congratulations, the installation is now complete.