New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.4: Overhaul of Existing Functions

More Options When Blocking Users

In WoltLab Suite 3.0, we have extended the Block feature so that it suppresses not only the direct interaction, but also the content created by blocked users. Even though this greatly reduces the contact with unpleasant users, completely hiding content sometimes does not meet users' intentions either. For example, interesting discussion topics might be hidden just because they were created by a blocked user. With WoltLab Suite 5.4, the user gets full control: For each blocked user, it can be decided individually whether only the direct interaction (for example, via conversation) should be blocked or whether content should be removed from view as best as possible.

Dialog with the new blocking options

Simplified Content Sharing

The Share dialog has received a complete overhaul and now integrates the buttons for sharing the content on the configured social networks. Since all popular web browsers have native support for copying content to the clipboard, it is now also possible to copy the link, BBCode or HTML directly with one click. Previously, only the content of the input field was automatically selected. The user had to trigger the copy action separately.

The updated Share Dialog

Marking Moderation Entries

In moderation, entries can be marked in the familiar way and thus, for example, a large number of reported spam entries can be deleted in one go.

Available actions on marked moderation entries.

"Show Password" Button

Attentive readers of our first feature preview may have already discovered this new feature: WoltLab Suite 5.4 adds a button to each password field to make the input visible. Such a button can now be found on many websites and is recommended by Google Developers.

Hidden Password Visible Password “hunter2”

Font Improvements

Equally attentive readers may have noticed that the screenshots in this article differ from the screenshots in previous articles in one respect: The font has changed. "Open Sans" has become "Roboto" in our examples. What is this all about?

WoltLab Suite 5.4 uses a so-called "System Font Stack" by default. A larger number of fonts that are installed by default on common operating systems are configured in the CSS. The browser automatically selects an available font from these fonts, there is no need to download the "Google Font" and the page loads faster. In return, the community looks a little different depending on the operating system used, but fits ideally into the respective operating system. For example, Windows users will see "Segoe UI", while Android users will see "Roboto" and macOS/iOS will use "San Francisco".

Customers who are interested in the uniform display of their own community on all devices can of course continue to use the privacy-compliant Google Fonts from WoltLab Suite 5.3. For these cases, WoltLab Suite 5.4 offers an improvement in the form of preloading. WoltLab Suite 5.4 instructs the user's web browser in advance that it requires the selected font to display content on your site. This way, the font can be downloaded ahead of time and is directly available for display. Previously, the web browser could not determine the need for the font download until the stylesheet was downloaded, causing a small delay at times.

For designers who want to use preloading in their styles, we have added a section on using preloading in our developer guide.

Modernization of the File Attachment List

The display of attached files that are not images has received a face-lift and now comes in a clean and modern look.

The new list of attachments with two images and two non-images.

React on Mobile Devices

On mobile devices, the button to react to content is now located below the message, so users don't have to scroll back up to add a reaction after reading the message.

The reaction button on mobile.

"About This Blog" Box

The article overview of user blogs contains a new "About this blog" box with the blog's description.

“About the Blog” box with description “I’ll be sharing beautiful nature shots in this blog.”

Article Preview

The well-known preview function is now also available for articles in WoltLab Suite 5.4.

The new article preview

[file] BBCode

The familiar [file]-BBCode has been visually adapted to the BBCodes of the other applications and to the new Rich Embeds.

The redesigned [file] BBCode.

Elasticsearch Supports HTTP Keep-Alive

Of course, the official plugins are not neglected in this update. Our Elasticsearch integration gets support for HTTP Keep-Alive connections. This optimization can speed up content creation, especially for remote and/or TLS-protected Elasticsearch instances, as only one Elasticsearch connection is needed per user request.