New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.4: Input Fields for Calendar Events and Further Improvements in the Organization of Events

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Input Fields for Calendar Events

Categories offer a good way to structure events, but depending on the kind of events, additional information is either desirable or needed for better organization. With WoltLab Suite 5.4, a convenient new function is integrated into the calendar, which should already be known in a similar fashion from the forum and the filebase: Custom input fields for events. These input fields are displayed to users at the beginning of the form for creating a new event. After the event has been created, the specified values are displayed in front of the actual text of the event.

Creating a calendar event with custom input fields

There are different types of input fields you can select, for example a simple yes/no selection or a multiline text. You can also set whether the input field must be filled in or whether it is optional.

Creating a custom input field

Postpone Single Events of a Recurring Event

Sometimes it may be necessary that single repetitions of a recurring event should take place at a different time, deviating from the specified rhythm. With WoltLab Suite 5.4, each repetition can be edited individually if desired, and the date and time can be adjusted individually.

Changing the date of an event

Provide a Reason for the Cancellation of ab Event

When canceling an event, you can now optionally specify a reason to be displayed in the event.

Cancellation of a event with reason

In addition, the reason is also included in email notifications.

Cancel reason in notifications

Notification to Participants When an Event Is Postponed

If an event is cancelled, all participants of the event will be notified of the change, for example, by email.

Event cancellation notification